extends base block title title= page.title + " | " + config.title block main // gallery that comes before the header if page.photos if page.photos.length .article-gallery .article-gallery-photos.container for photo in page.photos a.article-gallery-img.fancybox(href=url_for(photo), rel="gallery_" + page._id) img(src=url_for(photo), itemprop="image") .wrapper .container.post-header h1: = page.title .wrapper .container.meta .post-time= page.date.format(config.date_format) if (page.categories && page.categories.length) .post-categories != list_categories(page.categories, {show_count: false, class: 'post-category', style: 'none', separator: '>'}) if (page.tags && page.tags.length) .post-tags != list_tags(page.tags, {show_count: false, class: 'post-tag', style:'none', separator:'/'}) article .container.post != page.content // comment system .container hr include _partial/comments